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Insight: Bankruptcy and Retirees / Otis Griffin / Pet Tales / Dream. Develop. Do.

Published August 22, 2012

Bankruptcy and Retirees - Bankruptcy, like Social Security and Medicare, has become a new rite of passage for older Americans, having surged to over 25 percent of all new filings. The financial pressures on today's retirees limit their options and many feel embarrassed to find themselves defaulting on debts to save their homes and retirements. We'll talk with two local attorneys who specialize in bankruptcy. Julius Cherry, a retiree himself, will speak about bankruptcy for seniors and Dave Meegan will discuss the number of filings in the Sacramento area, and how it compares nationally.

Otis Griffin - Otis Griffin is a light heavyweight boxer from Sacramento who's fighting to become world champion after some tough decisions and "outright robberies" that kept him from achieving th e title in the past. Otis is teaming up with a new promoter from OPP Presents, which is trying to revive Sacramento's professional boxing scene with a five-fight series, starting with Hot August Fights Friday, August 24 at the Double Tree Hotel in Sacramento, which will be Otis Griffin's first step toward the championship.

Pet Tales - Making a decision about whether your pet should live or die is probably one of the toughest choices in your life. How much do you spend to keep an ailing pet alive and what if there's not guarantee the money you spend will do any good? What if you don't have the money? Should you go into debt to keep your pet alive? These are all questions any pet owner may someday face, so we'd like to begin the first installment of our new signature segment Pet Tales with a discussion on hospice care for pets. Gina Spadafori is a pet expert who has co-authored several pet books with Dr. Marty Becker and she was one of the first guests on Insight in 2004.

Dream. Develop. Do. - Vince Vicari will be performing at the Dream.Develop.Do gala on August 25th at the Temporary Contemporary Gallery on Del Paso Blvd. The benefit is to launch DDD's new membership drive to sustain the organization's growing needs. Dream. Develop. Do. was created by several Sacramento State Alumni who are now lawyers and political consultants to help state school students afford college with scholarships from graduates who have been there. Vince Vicari performs in studio on their behalf.


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